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American Wellness Coalition is a non-profit organization advocating for legalized regulation of peptides within the United States’ Wellness Industry.

Our mission is to ensure that all U.S. citizens have equal access to medications that can extend and enhance their quality of life. The FDA’s recent ban on peptides has made it clear that it’s against working adults looking for alternative answers to their health when modern medicine fails them.

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About American Wellness Coalition

American Wellness Coalition was founded by scientists, pharmacists, and medical professionals in response to the FDA’s recent ban of peptides. The FDA categorizes peptides as ‘Category 2 Significant Risk Substance’ without providing a reasonable explanation. Peptides have been used in medicine for over three decades and have shown remarkable results with minimal side effects. The FDA claims these products may harm patients, yet there is no supporting evidence to support it. Contrary to belief, thousands of patients have reported experiencing significant benefits from peptides, but are now left without access them.


Why Are Peptides Important?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. They play a crucial role in various biological functions and act as signaling molecules in the body.

Peptides have gained attention for their potential therapeutic applications, ranging from influencing hormone levels to aiding in tissue repair. Peptides provide a non-invasive alternative answer to a person’s health when modern medicine and doctors can’t help.

How Does The FDA’s Ban Hurt Medicine?

The FDA’s recent classification of peptides hurts medicine as it opens a world for unsafe, unregulated, and unsanitary peptides in the market. Not only does this leave countless adults with access to their treatments, but also puts them at risk for getting exposed to peptides when using non-regulated peptides.

Having a regulated market where independent compounding pharmacies can produce peptides creates a safer and healthier environment for patients needing help to get their health back on track.

What Purposes Do Peptides Serve?

Peptides have shown promise in various medicinal applications. Some peptides are being researched and used for hormone optimization, anti-inflammatory, tissue repair, hair growth, and increased metabolism.

The use of peptides within medicine has been a standard practice for over 40 years! Studies have also shown little to no side effects when taking peptides.

How To Support Our Cause

Support the American Wellness Coalition by donating to our cause. Money raised for our cause goes directly towards the fight against the FDA and pharmaceutical companies lobbying against the use of peptides in medicine!

We are a non-profit organization advocating for countless patients using peptide medicine. Denying these adults access to their medical care jeopardizes their health and wellness. It’s time that we stand up against unfair medical wellness access!


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Get in touch with American Wellness Coalition! We’re more than happy to answer any questions regarding our non-profit or inquiries about getting involved.